#66 Minute weed-flowers

I learn more about God From weeds than from roses; Resilience springing Through the smallest chink of hope In the absolute of concrete…. ~Phillip Pulfrey, “Weeds,” Perspectives

#46 variegated Kutcharitas

Alternanthera ficoidea Linn. is an interesting plant; its small white blossoms appear plain and simple against its fancy colored foliage. It is locally known as Kutcharitas because its leaves have the tendency to curl like teaspoons under strong sunlight. In some places, Kutcharitas are often planted as borders along garden paths and some people call…

#34 tiny weed flower

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows. ~Doug Larson

The white caterpillar

We (I, Kenji, and my dog Princess) went out for a late afternoon walk at the RCMS grounds last Saturday. When we passed by an Ylang-ylang tree, my inquisitive nephew spotted some caterpillar on the Santan shrub. Kenji suggested that I took photos on the little crawlers. They all looked the same to me so…

Chile pepper flower

Chile pepper (Capsicum frutescens) is on the list of the herbal plants found in the Philippines. I experienced scalp itchiness lately; so when I consulted my mom about what herb I should use as a remedy, she recommended the siling kolikot or chile pepper. She told me that I need to apply the extract from the leaves to ease…

‘Cotton Candy’ flowers

These are the fragile-looking lavender flowers of the  ‘Cotton Candy’. The blooms are less than 1 cm wide, supported by the tough peach bracts and grayish-green leaves of the Tillandsia stricta.