These fruits caught my eye as I entered the colorful booth of  Nunungan during the Araw ng Lanao Agri-Fair 2011 last July 4th. When I asked a teacher if these are longan fruits — she simply replied no. Locally known as Kahpeh, (pronounced with a prolonged “a”) these are the fruits from rattan plants. “Really?”…

Popsicle vs. hotdogs

July 4th – Araw ng Lanao. After a series of spins in the amusement rides, hunger and thirst flag the kids toward the vending stalls. Obviously, they go for refreshments first… something cold to ease the heat. They don’t even mind if they sit on a gutter as long as they’re happy licking ice cream…

Too short for a peanut

Kenji stood on his toes and craned his neck as he filled the missing head of this peanut with his own.

At the Clay-themed booth

One of the participants in the Agri-Fair 2011 is the town of  Baroy; this clay-themed booth featured various earthenware, garden pots and ornamental plants.

Every kid should experience

My nephews EJ and Kenji on one of the ‘dragon’ carts of an amusement ride at the Araw ng Lanao Agri-Fair 2011. I guess not many are willing to pay to get dizzy… Kenji obviously have fun…

The Ferris wheel

Most of the kids have been saving their allowances for a Ferris wheel ride. Smaller children are accompanied by their older siblings or parents as they fall in line for the ride. After all, it’s not everyday that they get to ride on a Ferris Wheel in this part of the country.  

Araw ng Lanao

July 4th is the Araw ng Lanao del Norte. Despite the cloudy skies, people from around the province of Lanao del Norte flock to the Agri-Fair 2011. Every municipality in the province presented their booths with various themes showcasing the ‘beauty and bounty’ of the land and marine life.