Photography 101: Treasure

You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance. ~Franklin P. Jones


my fur-kid Vanilla Bean

My 3 1/2 year-old  fur-kid Vanilla Bean is always alert when there’s a camera in front of her face.

Vanilla Bean is my first child. She inspires me to create beautiful dog accessories. Also, she is the reason I’m interested in photography and blogging.

camera: Kodak M531
F-stop f/3.1
Exposure time: 1/30 sec.
ISO speed: ISO-110
Focal length: 6mm
Max aperture: 3.26
Flash mode: no flash

my baby boy JJ

My 1 year old baby boy JJ sleeps soundly.

Baby JJ drives me nuts but he’s a source of joy in the family.

camera: GT-N7000
F-stop f/2.6
Exposure time: 1/33 sec.
ISO speed: ISO-400
Focal length: 4mm
Max aperture: 2.81
Flash mode: no flash


Photography 101: Landscape


Mt Kanlaon Volcano

Mount Kanlaon Volcano as  viewed from Cabacungan, La Castellana, Negros Occ.

My husband’s hometown is near a dormant volcano. He says that I need to stand in front of Beulah Land estate if I want to see the best view of Mount Kanlaon. He’s right; no human infrastructure blocks the natural scenery.

I use PicMonkey to crop the image above. Here’s the original version:

Mt Kanlaon Volcano

[Weather: partly cloudy; Cameraphone: Samsung GT-N7000
Time: 4:50 PM; Flash: On; Focal Length: 3.97mm; White Balance: Auto; Aperture: 2.7]

Photography 101: Swarm

Caduhada Spring Pool

Caduhada Spring Resort, La Castellana, Negros Occ.

Negrenses often swarm this almost hidden place to cool off and relax during the hot weekends and holidays. You can hear laughter, and happy voices as families of locals and tourists splash into the clear spring pool of Caduhada Spring Resort. The water emanating from the rocks is so cool even at high noon.

[Cameraphone: Samsung GT-N7000; Time: 12:23 PM; Flash: On; Focal Length: 3.97mm; White Balance: Auto; Aperture:2.7]

Photography 101: Moment

There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again. ~Elizabeth Lawrence

whirling JJ

At the Menorias Garden, Segapod, LDN

Clouds hover above the Menorias Garden around four in the afternoon when we drop by. We (JJ and I) tag along with my mom to the place of Madam Hermie, my mom’s plant buddy. While they discuss about ferns and cacti, my little boy and I wander among the air-plants.

I prepare my cameraphone; auto-flash is off, front camera is on, and timer is set to 5 seconds. With my baby in my right arm and the phone in my left hand, I press that little camera icon at the bottom of my phone’s screen. Simultaneously, our bodies whirl around. We repeat this process five times in between giggles and plant clusters. We feel like garden butterflies admiring the flowers as we enjoy the moment. The photo above is one of the result of my panning experiment.

Photography 101: Architecture

I’m not happy with the outcome of my snapshots in architecture so I take a walk to the park to photograph another building — Tubod Parish Church. This is a Catholic church located at the heart of the town.

church front view - the facade is still on renovation

church front view – the facade is currently on renovation

I sat on the park’s sidewalk across the street and took this photo at 7:37 this morning using my camera phone. [Although the church is facing east, the trees in People’s Park cast long shadows at this time of the day.]

Here are the versions of it in Black and White, Sepia, and Holga. PicMonkey is very helpful for these outcome.

church front view in Black and White

church front view in Black and White

church front view in Sepia

church front view in Sepia

church front view in Holga

church front view in Holga

This is the church’s right side view from a second floor window of my mom’s house. The side wall and the side gate are now painted white (those were gray before the renovation) and the colored glass panel looks clean as well.

right side view of Tubod Parish Church -  I took this photo on the second floor of my mom's house.

right side view of Tubod Parish Church

church side B&W

church right side view in B&W

church side in Sepia

church right side view in Sepia

church side view in Holga

church side view in Holga

church side

church right side view

church side view in B&W

church side view in B&W


church right side view in Sepia


church right side view in Holga

Photography 101: A Pop Of Color

Oreo on Grosby



I choose Green for this assignment. The color is often associated with freshness and youth. Also, it gives a feeling of growth and positive vibes

The green pair of Grosby shoes in the photo belongs to my teenage nephew EJ.  How many places has it been? The fresh dirt on the shoes gives hints what the owner has been doing… nature tripping or playing ball with his friends?

The green shoes becomes an object of curiosity to my 5 weeks old puppy named Oreo. He sniffs one shoe inside out. What he discovers from it, who knows? And by the looks of it, Oreo dreams of having his own adventure in the near future.

Photography 101: Mystery

Phal PM241

yellow Dancing Ladies

Vanda Rothschildiana

Orchids represent mystery.  Botanists say that this species have a highly evolved anatomy that makes their appearance so attractive to man, birds and insects. The creatures who are delighted to be around Orchids become willing slaves who do their bidding for the survival of their species.

How can these enigmatic plants look so delicate yet powerful? How can they appear to be gentle yet notorious tricksters? Odor and visual cues are part of their arsenal to lure birds and insect to become their pollen-bearers. To humans, they employ a very subtle strategy called the Orchid Fever.

People from all walks of life may have Orchid Fever once they have fallen under the spell of these air-plants. It’s uncertain WHEN people do have it. Oftentimes, its symptoms are: pure amazement, hunger for knowledge about Orchids, endless fascination to orchid flowers, unreasonable pursuit to create/collect hybrids of the species. [One of them is my mom. She has Orchid Fever when she’s 10 years old; now she’s 73 and she still has it.] One thing is for certain: Orchid Fever is incurable.

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