Bottle gourd

Spotted at LNNAIS Main Campus, Agricrops lab/garden, Lagenaria siceraria gave curiosity as well as smiles to students, and farmers in Bualan, Tubod, Lanao del Norte. Farm aides of the school called this calabash “Shaolin”

Medusa’s Head

I like weird things. Weird may not always be good but weird is always different. During a lunch break in my Events Management NCIII class, I dropped by at Jami’s plant stall. As I allow the information in the morning session to sink in, the snake-like stems of Euphorbia flanaganii seemed to be waving at me….

Photography 101: Mystery

Orchids represent mystery.  Botanists say that this species have a highly evolved anatomy that makes their appearance so attractive to man, birds and insects. The creatures who are delighted to be around Orchids become willing slaves who do their bidding for the survival of their species. How can these enigmatic plants look so delicate yet…

Photography 101: Warmth

Plants need sun-exposure to grow healthy.  The tallest trees in the park often get the best sun exposure.  The ‘Andreacola’ type of Anthurium thrives best in morning sunlight. Too much sun-exposure will burn their leaves.