Redefining Halal in the Philippines

According to the Department of Agriculture, my Muslim brothers and sisters were eating haram food masked as Halal; products with Halal logo contained unlawful ingredients… So, enter R.A. 10817 or The Philippine Halal Export Development and Promotion Act.  Basically, this act aimed to protect the integrity of the Philippine products with the Halal logo consumed by Muslim Filipinos in the countryside and overseas.

I was fortunate to attend one of the lecture series sponsored by the Department of Agriculture – Halal Program Management Office in Mindanao State University Main Campus (MSU-IPDM) in Marawi City yesterday, May 3, 2018.

While I listened to the presentations, I was enlightened  about the big possibilities and positive economic boost of Halal food. Unfortunately, I missed the lecture of Sahraman C. Disomimba, a Shari’ah Couselor and Project Development Officer III of DA- Halal Program Management Office,  about Halal Fundamentals and Where Business and Religion Intersect due to horrible Marawi City traffic.

Sahraman C. Disomimba of Halal Program Management Office
Sahraman C. Disomimba of Halal Program Management Office

Still, the leaflets I got and my audio recording will hopefully help me in my current assignment on Halal Food Processing…

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