Temporary setbacks are overshadowed by persistence. – Quentin L. Cook


I could feel the excited energy hovering on the JCPI (Job Centered Polythicnic Institute, Inc) compound as soon as I entered its main gate last Wednesday, November 8… and it was not even 9 o’clock in the morning yet.

IDP Trainee Janimah Marangit approached and handed me a piece of paper; it contained a list of names of her group. She said, “Good morning Ma’am, our group is complete and ready for the session. Can we start now?”

“Yes,” I replied as I put down my bag on a chair.

Thirty trainees were scheduled to perform Spicy Chicken Longganisa (a meat curing activity) on the last day of the course Process Food By Salting, Curing, and Smoking. All of them were Marawi IDP’s (Internally Displaced Persons). Also, they were newbies in Longganisa Making. They  thought this session was a bad idea but they informed me that their misconception was  replaced with eagerness when they learned that Halal ingredients were used in the recipe.

longganisa making

They work with deft hands and high energy as they formed the chicken meat logs. Some of them were inquisitive about the alternative meats and spices for this particular recipe. Clearly they enjoyed the activity; I was relieved when all of them were smiling at the end of the session.

With the Maranao’s determination to move on and  rebuild their lives through skills training, the IDP status could became a temporary thing.



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