Bakwit in Pickling skills training

When my vocational supervisor informed me about the massive skills training for Marawi IDP’s (Internally Displaced Persons),  I gave her an expressionless face😑. At the back of my mind, I saw myself interacting to women with different cultural background wearing colorful Kumbongs (a head scarf commonly worn by Maranao women to conceal their hair and neck.) My mind focused on that vivid image for a moment but it suddenly blurred as she said that there are 200 slots for Food Processing. What??? 😲

When the massive skills training for pickling vegetables started, I got the chance to glimpse at their resilience up close.  Some of Marawi Bakwit trainees I met stayed at evacuation camps while others lived in the homes of their relatives residing in Iligan City. Most of them openly expressed their sentiments of what happened to homes while others just shyly smiled and focused on the tasks given to them. Some eagerly hoped to start a business on pickled food products when they go back to their respective Barangays while a few ladies thought of finding work outside the country.

Whatever their views, emotions and economic backgrounds at present, these IDP trainees showed me that they could perform the tasks with steady hands and positive attitude… just take a peek at the photo above.




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