Medusa’s Head

Medusa's Head

I like weird things.

Weird may not always be good but weird is always different.

During a lunch break in my Events Management NCIII class, I dropped by at Jami’s plant stall. As I allow the information in the morning session to sink in, the snake-like stems of Euphorbia flanaganii seemed to be waving at me. This succulent is commonly known as Medusa’s Head.

The last time I saw this plant was last decade ago. It was a beautiful Medusa’s Head growing in my mom’s garden but the plant drowned during months of heavy rainfall). I thought it would a nice to bring back this plant to my mom’s garden as part of her collection of cacti and succulents.

Jami told me its price tag was Php 300. She expected me to haggle and gave me a wide smile when I told her to bag it well because I was not sure if a plant is allowed in a computer lab.

I thought that this particular plant is worth more than its price tag considering it brought back a spark in my interest in photography and ended my blogging hiatus for more than 2 years.


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