Photography 101: Triumph

Panguil Bay sunset

I planned to take my son JJ for a late afternoon walk on Roxas Street. My nephew Kenji dropped by and he suggested that we go to the Friday “tabu-an” near the seawall. I rarely went there; just twice a year.  (The tabu-an is the Cebuano term for a makeshift market place where farmers and vendors sell the local produce.)

It’s past five o’clock when we got there. The sky was partly cloudy when we saw the November sun went down on the other side of the Panguil Bay. The sunset was so lovely that my son shriek in glee. I felt triumphant when I captured this moment.

The photo above was edited using PicMonkey. To emphasize the light and darkness, I used the Orton effect to tweak the image. Also, I used the basic edit Rotate to straighten it. Here’s the original version:

2014-11-21 17.18.45




2 Comments Add yours

  1. You created a really good mood by darkening it a little! Nicely done! 🙂

  2. AnnetteM says:

    The original photo is lovely but the edited one is better. I have never used PicMonkey so had not heard of that effect. I can see that the shadows are darker, the sun a brighter orange and the sea somehow looks more green.
    Thank goodness for the straightening tools – I have to straighten almost every landscape photo.

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