Photography 101: A Pop Of Color

Oreo on Grosby



I choose Green for this assignment. The color is often associated with freshness and youth. Also, it gives a feeling of growth and positive vibes

The green pair of Grosby shoes in the photo belongs to my teenage nephew EJ.  How many places has it been? The fresh dirt on the shoes gives hints what the owner has been doing… nature tripping or playing ball with his friends?

The green shoes becomes an object of curiosity to my 5 weeks old puppy named Oreo. He sniffs one shoe inside out. What he discovers from it, who knows? And by the looks of it, Oreo dreams of having his own adventure in the near future.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sandi says:

    I liked the picture, but I also appreciated your description, which helped me catch details (like the fresh dirt on the shoes) that I had missed. I didn’t miss the puppy, though 🙂

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