Photography 101: Mystery

Phal PM241

yellow Dancing Ladies

Vanda Rothschildiana

Orchids represent mystery.  Botanists say that this species have a highly evolved anatomy that makes their appearance so attractive to man, birds and insects. The creatures who are delighted to be around Orchids become willing slaves who do their bidding for the survival of their species.

How can these enigmatic plants look so delicate yet powerful? How can they appear to be gentle yet notorious tricksters? Odor and visual cues are part of their arsenal to lure birds and insect to become their pollen-bearers. To humans, they employ a very subtle strategy called the Orchid Fever.

People from all walks of life may have Orchid Fever once they have fallen under the spell of these air-plants. It’s uncertain WHEN people do have it. Oftentimes, its symptoms are: pure amazement, hunger for knowledge about Orchids, endless fascination to orchid flowers, unreasonable pursuit to create/collect hybrids of the species. [One of them is my mom. She has Orchid Fever when she’s 10 years old; now she’s 73 and she still has it.] One thing is for certain: Orchid Fever is incurable.


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  1. trablog says:

    Nice pictures and great information about Orchids 🙂

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