Photography 101: Water

At the mention of water, my mind goes to this place — Mambukal Mountain Resort, Negros Island, Philippines. It’s a place where the Negrenses and tourists alike  rejuvenate one’s spirit and get in touch with Mother Nature.

There is so much water here. According to our tourist guide, a big mountain stream descends in a series of seven waterfalls and cuts through the center of the resort, feeding the water holes and boating lagoon.

Man-made Boating Lagoon
Boating Lagoon

Swimming is discouraged in the boating lagoon because it is just 9 feet deep and 36m x 23m wide.

boating deck
view from the boating deck
Kiddie and Adult Pool
Kiddie and Adult Pool

This pool is chlorinated. It has a wading area that divides the 3-ft kiddie pool and 5-ft adult pool.

Sulfur Spring
Sulfur Spring

No one is allowed to swim here. There is a huge sign that says CAUTION: HOT SULFUR NO SWIMMING.

gushing water from the First Waterfalls
gushing water from the First Waterfalls

Excitement builds up when you see this before you get to the First Waterfalls.

Mambukal First Waterfalls
Mambukal First Waterfalls
Mambukal Second Waterfalls
Mambukal Second Waterfalls

Alas, I need more energy to see the other five waterfalls. I told my husband that I was starving and that my remaining strength was sufficient to get myself down from the Second Waterfalls to the food court.

NOTE: All the photos above were captured by my Samsung camera phone.

NOTE TO SELF: Next time, bring a good camera for better pictures… and don’t go up to see the falls in noon time.  😉


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