Saguingan (Banana) Festival 2011

OCTOBER 17 — TUBOD, LANAO DEL NORTE was in a festive mood as we celebrated the 65th Araw ng Tubod. The highlight of this week-long fiesta was the 25th Saguingan (Banana) Festival. The year’s theme was Sikad Tubod! Taking the LEAD for 65 years and counting. [Thanks to the grand lady named Romana Dela Cruz-Neri, the Mayor who started this festival in 1986, and the succeeding town officials for the Saguingan gained recognition as the 2011 Best Festival in the Philippines in the Municipal  Level.]

People's Park at 6:30 a.m
from left to right: EJ, Roger, Mabel, and Kenji. These kids were among the selected kids to perform in the opening program (Doxology).
We waited about an hour or so for the contingent of Barangay officials, various groups of Local Government Units (LGU’s), street dancers, and drum and bugle corps to arrive at the park.
...then these pretty lasses dismounted from their floats; their lovely smiles surely brighten up our morning...
Street Dancers arriving at People's Park around 7:45 a.m.
My cousin Richel V. Umel took these 3 photos during the dance presentation/competition. Their Each group gave their best performances much to the delight of the crowd.

While the Street-Dancing presentation/competition was going on,  Kenji and I explored the 24 Banana-themed booths. These were what we saw: 30 banana varieties  such as Del Monte, Tudlo Datu, Acosta, Muco, Spanish cardava, Seniorita, Pilitpita green, Pastilan, Manilan-on, Tiparot, Salibagyo, Talip, Muradong puti, Kurikit/Kalunsing, Bongan, Sab-a green, Pitogo, Agutay, Cardava, Lacatan, Mundo, Tundan, Pilitpita white, Muradong pula, Tindok, Lingkit domino, Cavindish, Amboanga, Pakol and Wandis. (Twenty-five years ago, the official number of banana variety grown in this town was 24.)

People flocked on these booths to check on the produce of the Barangays… they showcased fresh fruits, preserves, banana dishes, vegetables, etc.… I was impressed on how each group interpreted the theme; they surely utilized the various parts of the banana plant to create these booths…

The surprise of the day was the banana bunch they called the Thousand-Fingers. Kenji was among the folks who posed with it.

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