Philippine Boy and Girl Scouts Torch Parade

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October 15 — My mom woke him up early in that Saturday morning so he won’t be late in the Philippine Cub/Star Scout Encampment (District Level) held at Tubod Central Elementary School (TCES). Kenji was still sleepy when he had his breakfast and when he donned his uniform. Still, he obliged to pose for the camera before leaving the house.

Ate Liza, Vanilla Bean and I were on our way home from the vet’s when we saw these kids along the street later on that afternoon. Then, I realized that it’s the Torch Parade composed of a group of Philippine Boy and Girl Scouts of from various public schools in Tubod, Lanao del Norte (District Level). I immediately scanned for familiar faces because one of the marching kids was my nephew EJ… It would have been impressive if all of them held lit torches and chanted rhymes…I thought these kids needed an energy boost…


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