Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

Bahrain Sunsets

The following sunsets were photographed from a moving vehicle on the way to Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

to paint the portrait of failure

by Nick Basañez, who wrote this poem the day before he passed away

draw first the border line.
make it dark, bold and strong
ton separate the portrait from the outside world.
draw the setting sun
at the upper portion of the canvas.
paint it yellow and bright.
anyway, you still have to paint
the dark grey clouds to hide its brightness
across the dim sky.
below it, draw the thin line showing infinity.
there, sketch the land — your destination
with blue. make it vague
to show the illusion of distance.
stroke your brush with grey
to paint the sea crawling from the horizon
towards the baseline, allowing the sun
to reflect its dying radiance.
stop the sea-crawl
by painting dark the rocky cliff
where you are to stand.
paint also the silhouette of a diagonal tree
on the left side of the cliff.
wait, before your finishing touch
show the presence of the gentle wind
through the dancing of the leaves,
the floating of the clouds.
so, by the time the clouds are flown away
the horizon has swallowed the sun.

P.S. I haven’t found the photograph for the poem from my archives but I thought to share Nick’s poem anyway…

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