A doctor’s private garden in Abaga, Lala, LDN

August 17 — “Come and see my garden…it’s very nice… I have time this morning so let’s go, now,” said  Dr. Opay-Villarmino, an obstetrician- gynecologist. This busy lady had a scheduled operation that afternoon but when it comes to garden matters, she sure had time. With all that plant talk with her friends, it’s easy to guess what she does for her spare time.

I didn’t think twice on accepting her invitation though. After all, it’s not every day that a plant-newbie gets invited to view a private garden. So, I grabbed my camera and an extra battery, and then jump into her car together with my mom and another friend.  This would be the second private garden I’ve visited within Lanao del Norte this year. It’s in Barangay Abaga, Lala, Lanao del Norte.

Her Bromeliad collection is impressive. Aside from this, she also has orchids, succulents, Anthuriums, Birds-of-Paradise, ferns, vines, etc. Here are some of my snapshots in her garden.

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