Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

During the 1990’s, the faculty of Rufo dela Cruz Memorial School (RCMS) solicited funds to put up the gates and concrete fence of this elementary school  from various sources — charity groups, politicians, alumni, etc. To show their gratitude, they engrave the names of the donors.

The gate in the photos is at the east side of the school. It says Donated by Jesus Peres on the upper part; the lower part gives more information that this person was the Municipal Mayor of Tubod, Lanao del Norte from 1964 to 1971. He passed away years ago; people may forget what he did for this town but at least the residents and the new generation of pupils would remember his name.


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  1. 3rdcultchild says:

    nice entrances you’ve got here! and I’m a big fan of the countryside, as well! Cheers from sunny Recife, Brazil!

    1. kyuni786 says:

      glad you like it…:)

  2. ammyharrison says:

    Beautiful and haunting.

  3. The unsung heroes. I just wish there’s more ways to remember the generosity of people like this generous man. The photo reminded me of the visions of my younger years. Thank you for sharing and for bringing back memories.

    1. kyuni786 says:

      I agree with you, generous people are unsung heroes indeed. I asked around for more info about Jesus Peres before posting the photos but no one seems to remember how he lived and served my hometown.

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