Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Optimus Prime and other broken toys

Picachu finally found his tail

soldiers don't die...

a mishmash of broken toys

The other day after school, my nephew and four of his second-grader classmates dropped by at the house to play some of the toys we’ve accumulated throughout the years.  They laughed and made happy noises upstairs as they played with toy robots, cars, green soldiers, Picachu, etc. Most of these were complementary toys from Jollibee and  McDonald’s  happy meals.

When these kids left, I checked on the room and found some broken toys on the floor. Oh well, no harm done… at least they have fun. I smiled as I remembered a line from the movie Toy Story: “Life’s only worth living if you’re being loved by a kid.” –Woody (Toy Story)


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  1. Mizz says:

    There sure lots of broken toys there 🙂

    1. kyuni786 says:

      yup, my inquisitive nephew Kenji has a knack in “breaking” toys in a matter of minutes… he doesn’t intentionally break them though but he’s curious on the toys’ mechanism…

  2. moneymakingjus says:

    Nice picture.

    1. kyuni786 says:

      thanks for liking:)

  3. Those broken toys reminded me of the toys I used to have. They also reminded me of the ones my son had when he was about 2-3 years old. Despite that they are broken, they hold special memories. I still keep my son’s broken toys.

  4. beautiful post. thanks you.

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