Chile pepper flower

Chile pepper (Capsicum frutescens) is on the list of the herbal plants found in the Philippines. I experienced scalp itchiness lately; so when I consulted my mom about what herb I should use as a remedy, she recommended the siling kolikot or chile pepper. She told me that I need to apply the extract from the leaves to ease the itch on my scalp.

Acting on mom’s advice, I went to the nearest pepper plant in the garden to gather some leaves, and unexpectedly, I saw some blossoms in some parts of the plant. Most often, I see its red or green fruits but seldom its flowers.  The yellowish-green flowers are small about less than 1 cm in diameter and most often the blossoms are solitary  like the one in the photo. I smelled the minute flower only to find out that they’re scentless.


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