Owl moths mating

These two owl moths (Erebus ephesperis) cling to a leaf of a Vanda teres as they are in the process of mating.  One of the pair is more than 4 inches long while the other one is about 7 inches long.  I could only assume that the bigger moth is the male and the smaller one is the female.

They folded their drab-looking wings as they procreate probably due to the present climate today — cloudy, rainy, windy. These mating pair are among the moth species that live and retire here in the Philippines.

My mom noticed them like this around 10 o’clock in this  morning. She thought the pair was an odd-looking frog until she saw the quivering wings, so she left them undisturbed.  These two moths ignored me as I took this photo using my mom’s Nokia phone. And as I was googling about their species identification and posting this photo to WordPress, they’re still hanging on there.

I guess some things in nature don’t rush…nay, most of the things in nature don’t rush.


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