Jumper at the ‘King’s Dragon’

It was a cold morning when I saw little Jumper walking along the green leaves of the ‘King’s Dragon‘ orchid (Dendrobium x Cattleya ). I guess the blooming orchid hired this gray jumping spider as its new defender. In exchange for the orchid’s nectar, Jumper protects this hybrid plant by killing and eating the pests.

For a small arachnid of the Family Salticidae, he’s definitely confident to hunt actively in broad daylight; he doesn’t even need to mesh a net for his prey. His jumping ability is so cool that he could leap several times the length of his body (about 1 cm long). The four pairs of eyes give him excellent vision as he tracks down his ‘meal of the day’ on various foliage at the garden.

He is neither poisonous to humans nor a garden pest. In fact, he’s an ally for his very presence in our garden suggests of the balance of nature.


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