Entrance to the log hive

I was taking some snapshots of some purple Dendrobium orchids when I noticed some stingless bees hovering nearby. They disappear and reappear near an inverted trunk of a black tree-fern (Cyathea medullaris) about 80 cm long. Obviously, the hollow trunk of the black fern is their log hive. On closer inspection, the opening of  their hive is about 2 cm long and less than 1 cm wide.

In the photo, four Stingless bees (Trigona biroi) are ready to fly out from the entrance of the hive to gather nectar. These hard-working insects are active all year round being in a tropical country. Despite their common name, these meliponines are not stingless at all; most of them have stings are just at rock-bottom level…which reminds me that any hive has formidable defenders…so I better clear out and fast.


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